OT - Dana Reeves is gone. :(

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  1. She spent 9 1/2yrs fighting to raise awareness and for a cure with Christopher and then is diagnosed within a year of his death.
    She leaves behind 14 yr old {I think} Will, her son.
  2. I couldnt believe it when my husband told me this evening. God my heart really goes out to her poor kids. I thought she was doing better. So sad.
  3. Yeah, this is very sad news, Dana Reeves was a none smoker, this is a real eye opener for us all. I was so saddend by this tragic news.
  4. It is very sad. I think they said her son also lost a grandparent recently.
  5. \

    That's right! Unbelievable huh!?:amazed:
  6. Extrememly tragic...my bf told me early this morning when he kissed me gbye for work, and for some reason I had a hard time falling back asleep. The thought that brought me comfort was "at least her and her husband are together again"
  7. I couldn't believe it when I heard it on the radio this morning. I literally was in a moment of shock. And more bad news -- Kirby Puckett (Baseball Hall of Famer who was with the Minnesota Twins) also died.:sad2:
  8. I just found out about this two seconds ago before I logged on here. Its so sad, just really liked her and Christopher, and their poor son! My heart goes out.
  9. I was shocked too. She went on Operah with Will not long after her husband died, and she was so graceful, positive and inspiring. She talked about her mom passing away right after her husband. My heart goes out to her son and her family. I am sure she is reunited with her husband now and nothing will separate them anymore.
  10. It was a big shock to me. I always admired her for staying and helping Christoper Reeves through it all. She was a great woman.
  11. My heart goes out to her young son. He lost not one... but two parents in less than two years. How tragic? I wonder how he is coping and who is taking care of him.

    I was hearing on the news that lung cancer strikes mostly women. Although it is usually associated as a smoker's disease, non-smokers like Dana are increasingly being diagnosed with this disease. It is being speculated that second-hand smoking, pollution, and genetics may be to blame. I heard once you are diagnosed it is often too late because many people die within a year of their diagnosis. It is a silent killer because it often comes without warning (symptom).

    How scary!?

    As a non-smoker I am always telling my loved ones to stop smoking. If they care about me, they should have the common courtesy to not smoke around me. I say to myself, if they don't care about their own health then why would they care about mine. But I often pump some guilt and they either go in another room or put the cigarette out.
  12. May she rest in peace. She was a lovely woman with a good heart.
  13. I need to keep up witht he news better. This is the first I have heard of it, and it is so so sad and tragic. She fought so hard for awareness and for a cure. She was such a strong woman.

    And we should all keep their son in our thoughts and prayers. He must be going through so much right now.
  14. So Sad!!! She was such an inspiration. My heart goes out to her son.
  15. There are no words to describe the overwhelming sadness that prevails.