OT:Cleaning L.A.M.B. bags

  1. Hello!
    Just got a second hand Girlfriend concert LAMB bag, its in pretty decent condition, just a little dirty. Does anyone have tips on how to clean them?
  2. Does it have leather on it? If not just put it in the washing machine! I wash all my non-toki LeSPortSac bags, the come out just fine!
  3. The strap is leather, but its detachable. What cycle do you put your washing machine on? any cleaning products that you use?
  4. umm.... I generally just throw it in with a load of clothes. Regular Tide detergent. Until I joined this forum it never occurred to me to be careful... they were just "nylon bags with zippers" to me! If I had a new bag and was washing it (and i may do this if any of my tokis get filthy) I'd probably put it on the delicate cycle with Ivory soap