OT but hope you can help

  1. I was at the mall using my PCE card today, and got many gifts and perfume and lotion for myself. While I was there I wondered into the apple store. If you have an iphone can you tell me how yif like it, or not. It sure looks great, and I am tempted to put it on my Christmas list. THT!
  2. I don't have an iPhone, but I think i saw a thread in the General Discussion forum with opinions about the iPhone - good luck!
  3. Moving to GEN DISCUSSION...
    There r many threads on the IPHONE topic.
    I have one...I even bought my 11 yr old one...best money I ever spent on a phone!!!LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks for putting this in the right place, I'd love to get some more feedback!!
    BTW, what case do you use for yours, and have you ever dropped it?
  5. I have an LV iphone case which is a hard slip on case..LOVE it!
    My daughter has the hot pink clip on APPLE case........she likes having a belt clip which the LV case doesnt have
  6. LV sounds fab. Do you have a pic? Do you ever worry about dropping/damaging it?
  7. Hold on..I have a pic.....And YES..I have dropped it..as long as its in the case..its fine dropped...LOL.
    I have a bad habit of abusing my phones and so far mine has survived!HEHE!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. the lv case is HARD so itll survive being dropped!

    if u get the phone..they have a little plastic screen to put on the front of it that also protects the glass front.thats essential to buy..its like a plastic clear sticker that goes over the face of it.
  10. I'm so mad! I have a scratch as big as a pen dot lol...Idk how it happened, never dropped it!!!
  11. That LV cae is soooo nice, but I think I need something with more 24/7 protection since I'm a bit clumsy. Can you answer some other questions for me?
    1.Can you use it with an IHome, or is there a special docking station for the phone when you want to use it for home entertainment?
    2.Do you use your "minutes" when you're on the internet or checking email? on the agreement they call it unlimited data, but not sure if that's one of those tricky advertising phrases)
    You are really so sweet to help me out with this decision!!!![​IMG]
  12. unlimited data is the internet included...because technically unless your phone is OFF....You r ALWAYS on the internet.
    It comes with a docking cradle....when I work out..I dock it and blast my ipod music thru it
  13. Crystal Film is the sticky cover to get for the screen. I was dumb and didn't have my phone in a case and dropped on my driveway, screen down!!!! The crystal film took a beating but saved my phone, no scratches!!! It was a miracle.
  14. ^YEP!AND they make the film in a fingerprint free version too...make sure u get that....they make 2 kinds
  15. Thanks so much, I'm starting to get excited about this!!!