OT, and hopefully not completely inappropriate...


Please help name Baby X

  1. Scarlett

  2. Sloane

  3. Lola

  4. Vaughn

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm sorry if this isn't allowed (completely off-topic), please remove and let me know if it is. I needed some opinions from my fellow Chanel lovers, trusting in your taste.
    I've just had a baby girl on Sunday. I have actually left the hospital without naming her! I want something different, but not a name that sounds like a word I made up.
    I have a year to come up with something, according to Michigan law, but want to avoid that for so many reasons (I'd never wait that long - can you believe I have a year?!?).
    So, please give me your votes and opinions on the ones we've narrowed it down to and feel free to add any suggestions. The final four:
    Scarlett (not after the actor)
    Thank you from me & Baby X.
  2. first off...many congrats!!

    Scarlett is a cute name

    I really like:
  3. congrats! i vote scarlett
  4. I voted Lola. They're all cute, though I guess if I had to veto one it'd be Vaughn.
  5. :yahoo: Congratulations! I have a baby too and I changed his name, twice! I love Lola, Scarleet is a close second. They sound like such beautiful names for your beautiful daughter x Good luck :yes:
  6. Love the name Scarlet. My cousin named his daughter that (bummer, had to strike it off our list after that).

    All the best!
  7. OMG - I didn't read your entire thread properly.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! All the best for you and your gorgeous baby girl!
  8. Lola!
  9. congrats! Scarlett is a pretty name!
  10. Congratulations on your baby girl. I like the name Sloane.
  11. WOW! Congratulations. I voted Scarlett.:heart:
  12. Congratulations on your baby girl!!

    I like the name Scarlett!

    I named my niece Chanel...12 years ago! :p I didn't even own any Chanel bags at that time, but I loved that name, even then. :smile:
  13. I vote for Scarlett. congrats on your new addition!
  14. Congrats!!! :yahoo: How exciting. I actually like all the names you came up with, but I like Sloane best. I love different names! When I have kids, if I have a son I want to name him Rune and a daughter Diem. :smile:
  15. Congratulations on your baby girl! I voted Lola...such a cute name!!!