OSU beats Michigan! [pix]

  1. :yahoo::yahoo:





  2. Most amazing game ever!!!!!!!!! We had a blast :yahoo:
  3. That was a great game to watch on TV, I can only imagine how much fun you must have had...you both look too cute! Thanks for the pics!
  4. Nice avatar ;)
  5. I've been studying all day so I missed it!! :sad:

    Hopefully these two teams play again (National Championship, maybe??)!
  6. Incredible game. A fight to the end. Especially poignant in view of Bo's death yesterday.
  7. Vickitoria- They will not play again at the National Championship. Probably we will play Notre Dame, USC, or Florida...

    And beat an of them that we must play :yes:
  8. Cristina- Thanks! The avatar is when Vlad and I ran on the field!!
  9. Poor Bo. They did an honorable little clip before the game started, it was a little spooky to see 106,000+ people dead silent. Him and Woody could watch the game together. RIP.
  10. [​IMG]

    Megs at the game!
  11. Me after the game!

  12. Great pictures! Was a fantastic game to watch on tv. Had to be amazing to be there in the stadium.
  13. If OSU beats Florida I'm going to have to resign as a mod.


    (Go Gators)
  14. Megs, glad to see that you look very healthy!! (Uncle will be happy too..:smile:

    I hope they play USC and beat the living crap outta USC!!
  15. WOW- that's a lot of RED! LOL

    You two look sooo cute and happy! I love that!
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