Ostrik Bag

  1. Does anyone have this bag?
    Fendi Brown and Beige Zucchino Small Ostrik Bag

    If so does it hold alot? I'm looking for a decent sized bag, not too small, and not too big either. I thought this one was pretty cute. Also, does anyone know if it's a style still carried in the Fendi stores?
  2. I actually have 3 of them..They are AMAZING bags...I have a black leather one,a suede one with studs...andmy fave is a brown suede special edition with embriodery.This bag FITS ALOT more than it looks...It has 2 seperate compartments..Its a great going out bag too..I personally love the leather style one the best..for everyday.And no..I dont think they are made anymore
  3. Yup, I agree with Jill. Love the ostrik bag in leather. Great design, size, shape.
  4. Jill, I'm envious. I LOVE the suede studded ostrik!