1. can someone please advise on what colors come in ostrich leather? I can only think of these:

    Dove Grey
    Vert Anis
    Cobalt Blue
    Bleu Roi
    Blue Jean
    Violet (or is that Violine?)

    What else am I missing?
  2. How about

    Cherry Red
  3. On the top of my head, I think you've got everything down Kou. Except for Pale Beige I think.
  4. Violine is not the same as violette.
  5. La Van: Would you describe the difference btw violine and violette? If it has discussed already, would you please tell me again? I am sorry if I missed it...
  6. cyclamen (per CDL)
  7. Violine is supposed to be darker than violette but lighter than raisin.
  8. Now does ostrich comes in both Violine and violette? Or does it only come in violine?
  9. I talked to my SA today. She said only violine comes in ostrich not violette...Guys, my SA is putting an order for Violine ostrich Paris-Bombay PM size for me!!! I am so excited!
  10. Congratulations!!! I have that on my to-get list too!!! Is the order going this July?
  11. You are so lucky aspen...can I be your Hermes buddy? Congratulations!!!

    What are all the colors that the bombay comes in? Can you share?
  12. Sure:flowers: ! I heard new colors will be chocholate, blue jean, and some other colors in regular leather..I don't remember..sorry..I didn't pay attention to regular leather colors since I was interested in ostrich...I am not much help...:hrmm:

    In ostrich, it comes in violine, olive, tan, conac, brown and possibly white. But it has to be specially ordered for ostrich ones. I does not come in croc.:idea:
  13. Also comes in black in regular leather (I saw a brown one as well the other day)
  14. Kou - your list is going to reach 50 by YE!:amuse:
  15. :lol:
    At this rate I'll NEVER be done!!!