Ostrich whistle - Measurements?? PLEASE

  1. Hi Bbag ladies,

    I'm considering the large Balenciaga - Ostrich whistle, as the size seems perfect at first sight. (Only saw pictures though)..

    Does anyone know the precise measurements? Pictures of someone holding it would be wonderful too!!

    Please help me decide, if it's actually my size of bag :smile:

  2. I called and asked about the ostrich whistle previously. There are only two sizes of the whistle bag, (check rafaello website for them). The price tag is outrageous. The smaller one is over $3700 and the bigger one is close to $5000. Completely out of my range. Plus they only have red and black left.
  3. I think there's an all-ostrich version and an ostrich-trim version that's less expensive. Bluefly has had a few of the ostrich-trim ones recently.

    Small: 10'' at widest x 7½'' tall at center x 5'' deep

    Large: 12'' at widest x 5½'' tall at center x 7'' deep

    (measurements from Bluefly)

  4. - We share the Bourdeaux FIRST - I LOVE MINE :smile:

    The one I am looking at is brownish - and can hold a magazine - and plenty more.. I just got better pictures and it looks fantastic!! I'll post some later, have to go out now, I'm sooooooo late...

    Thanks for sharing, both of you!!

    Hugs, Miss M