Ostrich What??

  1. Help please! :hysteric: I'm thinking about an ostrich bag. Either a 31 Bolide, 35 Kelly or 35 Birkin. I don't know what to do. I am wondering if the Bolide looks better with ostrich because ostrich is a busy pattern and there is no hardware to interfere whereas the Kelly and Birkin have hardware that hangs down. Also, I'm not sure I am a Birkin person because it's so out there and I am more of a classic, subtle and not-showy person.
    I have three Kellys and two Bolides already so I don't know what to do.
    Forget it maybe? ;) I tend to dress casually and don't really go anywhere dressy.
  2. I think Bolide would look good in ostrich or regular leather. If anything, I think it's the regular Plume that would really look good with ostrich because it's even more simple looking than the Bolide. As for Kelly and Birkin, I think they look great with ostrich as well. Basically, you can't go wrong with ostrich:yes:
  3. I think the Bolide is so beautiful in ostrich. I love LaVan's.
  4. I'd go with the Kelly.
  5. I think you should take more time LH...when you aren't sure and you are tossing alot around (I am at the same place now) then you are not ready for anything. Keep it in thought and as time rolls along you will know what is best for you.
  6. Oh my...I love them all!! :biguns:

    Wish I could have them all!! :greengrin:
  7. Kellybag...you sound very sensible which is good, but I'm anxious for I don't know why because I have beautiful bags already!:nuts:

    BTW...you are all so sweet to voice your opinions! Only The Purse Forum understands me. Nobody at home does.:crybaby:
  8. I think try to decide which style you "enjoy" the most, works for you, and then go from there. I love my ostrich kelly, but also love the birkin, plume and bolide as well!! Although I don't see another ostrich in my future, I'm quite happy with the one I have....I could, however...see some accessories!
  9. I agree that you should wait and see how you feel in time. I know you have been tossing around a few ideas lately, and I would hate to see you rush into anything!!!!

    That being said, I say go for the Kelly or a Bolide, especially since you are not in love with the style of the birkin. Either way, you will end up with a bag that will look gorgeous whether you are in jeans at Hillers (of course, you be busy dodging and my shopping cart trying to get a better look at that bag) or at dinner at Capital Grille.
  10. If you can wait, to help with your decision, why not take the time to peruse the H-stores for ostrich bags which they will have? Ostrich Plumes and Bolides may be more accessible than the Kellys and Birkins. You can see the various combinations of style, colours & hardware which may help with the decision.

    For a hardware-less bag, the Paris-Bombay may be good alternative. Saw a PM fuschia ostrich PB bag and it was sweet.
  11. How about the Plume? I actually think this style shows off ostrich leather the best because it's so simple...
    Birkin are WAY too expensive (especially in ostrich) to buy if you're not absolutely GAGA over the style and everything that comes with it.

    OOR, how about a small Kelly for evening? A 28cm?
  12. Thanks Greentea, baghag, Jag, shoes, Kellybag, Kristie, dianagrace and Kou for all your help! I'm thinking...
  13. Yesssssss? You're thinking ...??? Come on, tell us, don't leave us hanging now~:nuts:
  14. Hi Kou! I'm thinking about a cognac w/gold ostrich 31cm Bolide or a chocolate w/gold or cognac ostrich 35 Kelly...don't know what to do.
    I have an ostrich cognac Birkin 35 on order too w/palladium HW.
    I'm not sure if cognac and palladium look ok together.
  15. I think Cognac ostrich with palladium will look wonderful. When I was in Singapore, I saw a lady carrying a Cognac Ostrich Bolide 31cm with silver hardware. I also saw a lady carrying a Cognac Ostrich Birkin with gold hardware. It's two very different look but both works.

    Sorry, I don't think this is making the choice any easier for you:Push: