Ostrich print hobo or oversized clutch

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  1. I can't afford the real thing, so I'm looking for a faux ostrich print bag. Preferrably in olive. The ones I've spotted are too shiny- like patent (vomit), to bunchy, or too fake. I want something that looks like the real deal. Has anybody seen anything out there that looks good? :search:
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  3. I wouldn't know where to buy, but there are some great ostrich-stamped regular leather bags out there. I had a faux ostrich wallet (bought in Italy) and one of my (very spoiled) friends actually thought it was Hermes! Just keep looking, I'm sure you'll find a bag you like
  4. thanks graciella! anybody else see anything?
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  6. Saw some at Marshall's but they were icky, like you mentioned. Hmmm...not sure. Do you prefer the look of African ostrich? I only have one ostrich bag (the blue clutch in avatar) and it's South American ostrich, a different look.
  7. ^^Yeah, and it's green too! It's also the price of a fake ostrich at TJ's or Marshalls, and it's real, so it's not vomit looking!
  8. Not a fan of the mixed exotics!