Ostrich Paris-Bombay? Yay or nay?

  1. Please let me know if you think it's worth the $? Or should I hold out for an ostrich Kelly?
  2. Kelly~~~~ That's what I'd do :yes:
  3. How much are they running?
  4. I would prefer the Kelly myself, but....

    Have you had a chance to handle both bags? What bag do you love more? I think that would be the better approach to this question. A bag style that won't work the best for you or that you don't love would never be worth spending the $ for ostrich. You have to be a bit passionate about the bag first. Then, I could say yes it is worth it in ostrich.
  5. Oooh! The PB in ostrich is amazing looking! Do you like the shape of the bag?
  6. Can u get both?

    Ostrich kelly 4 me.
  7. I believe I would prefer the Ostrich in PB rather than in Kelly. I have not seen one, tho, but mentally I'm bringing up images of both and the PB is winning out.

    But, only if you really love it!!

    Just FYI, while at the store, the Hermes store manager told me that the PB is supposed to be the next Birkin, according to her sources in Paris.

    *I* like it....but, we shall see:yes:
  8. ^^What? Really? I don't see many PB sightings.
  9. ^^ The 35cm PB, which is a new size, is just being released. Paris, Italy and the US already have them in the stores.

    I would hardly say that the PB is the new rave like the Birkin. Instead, it's the Lindy that's said to be the little cousin to the Birkin, and this one is really selling like hot cakes.

    Back to topic. I would choose the Kelly for ostrich. Only because the surface area of a PB is small and narrower. Does not do ostrich leather justice. You need a larger surface area to show off the ostrich leather. jm2c.
  10. Kelly!
  11. I'm not sure on the PB,......but def. Kelly !
  12. The PM size is $7850.
  13. I have the PB in VL, and I :heart: it. I'm not sure which one I :heart: more, they're both great! But...if I had to choose one or the other, I'd get the Kelly...but...the PB is so unique! OMG--just so many things to think about:hysteric:
  14. I do :heart: the shape. I'd use my black VL one every day if I didn't have to carry so much stuff!
  15. No, unfortunately:sad: