Ostrich ... Matte or Shiny?

  1. Hey,

    the ones I've seen so far are Matte which looks really nice, however, recently my eyes caught a lovely lady in a store with a 'Shiny' ostrich Birkin. I did a double take when I saw it because it's nothing I have seen before and it's absolutely gorgeous and :drool: worthy.

    So, I'm wondering, which is the better leather, Matte or Shiny?

  2. The only time my Ostich Kelly ever looked sort of shiny was when I collected her from Polishing at Hermes

    I have never heard of a shiny ostrich, funny I saw a really shiny croc birkin in South Molton street today it was a horrible fake

    Am sure some of the other members know more than moi
  3. all i have ever seen is matte.
  4. I have never seen or heard of shiny ostrich. It would be interesting. :smile:
  5. Yep - what ardneish said!
  6. AirMess, I think the ostrich starts off matte, but some older ostrich pieces I've seen seem to collect a patina of sorts over time and with use and polishing as ardneish said.
  7. ^ That's interesting to know.
  8. Ok, thanks ladies ... I'll ask and let you all know if I do hear differently.
  9. actually there are both but believe it or not 99% of the ostriches are shiny well they are not shiny like croc but have a kind of satin-y glow matte osstrich is treated by rubbing with badgerhair brushes to get a very very soft velvet appereance. and i only ever came across matte in black se below the picture of user is a normal shiny ostrich the pic next to it show matte ostrich
    7c_3.JPG.jpg a1_12.JPG.jpg
  10. lilach, thanks for the pictures. I like the shiny one but not sure how durable it is next to matte. I've been offered a SO but I am not sure if I would take it up as I don't think I really need anything else. The Shiny Ostrich was something that was stuck at the back of my mind for the longest time and thought 'why not' ...

  11. Hope you decide on something fabulous for your SO, AirMess.
  12. Lilach - I wish I could get inside your head with all that info you have!!! Love it!!!
  13. Lilach, so what you're saying is that most of the ostriches are shiny and they're treated matte with badgerhair brushes?

    Hmmm, I actually like them matte.
  14. GF oh too sweet
    queenie yes exactly the confusion is just that ostrich never becomes as shiny as croc but it is the norm and i am positifly sure that 99% of all ostrich bags around here are shiny ostrich. matte ostrich really is that matte no shine whatsoever even when photgraphed with flash nothing only a velvet like glow
    ah and unlike croc when you order ostrich you normally get "shiny" if you want matte you have to specifically ask for it. but as i said before i only ever saw matte in black
  15. Erm (this may or may not be a daft question, but), does this mean if I want to keep the glow on my bags I should run to a very expensive art supply store and buy a badger hair brush for my bags?