Ostrich Louis Vuitton {PICS}

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  2. I saw it in my Vuitton catlogue that I got in Tokyo. In comes in several other colours and it is on request only. It is a real beauty. A great option to a kelly or birklin.
  3. WOw! This bag is gorgeous! Looks tiny though.
    I guess this came out about the same time as the Lancelot. Beautiful bag as well. Thanks for the link.
  4. It's beautiful! Very cute little size if you don't have much to carry(good for going out to dinner, etc). Thanks for posting!:heart:
  5. It's really cute but I'll prefer it in Lizard.... Ostrich...ewwww
  6. I really don't like it! iT looks they tried to copy Hermes, and I don't like it when designers start to copy others!
  7. That bag reminds me of the Malsherbe (sp?) which was really a lovely bag.
  8. It's nice, but i'd rather get another LV item...
  9. I like it but too small of a size for that price. :Push:
  10. OT: Your puppy with the cigar got me choking on my soy milk!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I think this IS the Malsherbe(sp) in the skins version. Just like how LV has the Papillion in Mono and the Bedford in Vernis...or the Tango and the Thompson...well you get my drift.

    Most designers have similar styles. I don't think it has to do with them copying each other but more with wanting to satisfy their clientele. For example, you may like the Speedy style but do not like LV but rather Dior. Dior gives you the option of carrying the Boston bag (which is similar to the Speedy) in the designer that you love.
    It's all about satifying needs and wants ;)
  12. I saw it on eBay! I think it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  13. LOL! :roflmfao: Hope you're ok! :flowers: Soy milk rocks, btw! Woohoo! Go 8th Continent(loooove that brand)! lol! Ok, back on topic...
  14. It's a beauty and the seller is very nice. I asked her a question and she replied one minute after. I love that.