Ostrich Legacy!!!

  1. I saw this in the December issue of Vanity Fair, but does anyone have better pictures :confused1:
  2. Hi Starnova,
    I got the mail catalog from Coach yesterday and I saw that Legacy Ostrich too. Ohhh I think it is beautiful! On the catalog it showed the green pea color. Of course I am a sucker for Ostrich..so I called the customer service for more info.

    The lady who spoke to me answered most of my questions. There are three color: White, Pea Green and Tan. The price is $4,500 before tax and these bags are limited. She told me that there were only less than five at this time that available.

    So I ordered the green one because I wanted to see this baby in real person, I told her I will return if I don't like it when I see her IRL. But looking at the pic, it is gorgeous!

    I can't wait to see this bag, I don't have but one or two Coach bags but when I see this Ostrich, I couldn't help myself and I needed to see this baby in person.

    I hope with this kind of price, she will be a TDF bag when I see her..well, I have to wait n see! I hope she is the keeper!

    I didn't see this bag on the vanity Fair? What color did you see?

    I wanted to see all colors though but in the catalog they olny display the green pea color.

    I also want to hear other opinion of this bag..anyone??
  3. Sweetea, I REALLY ENVY YOU for being able to order this bag right away! This became an instant favorite of mine when I saw it in the catalogue I too got in the mail a few days ago...I just asked about the green one because I loved the color...I didn't know they had a tan one and white as well...if the white looks anything like the small clutch then I bet it is a beauty!! Even if you decide you don't want to keep it, please post pics as soon as you get it so we can see what the color really looks like. In the catalogue on each picture they showed it to be 3 different shades.
  4. When i got my order from Coach yesterday, it included the current catalog. That bag is gorgeous! :drool:
  5. Sweetea this is my favorite bag!! That and the white clutch!
  6. am i the only one who is slightly grossed out by ostrich?
  7. It's leather, bird or not to me. I'm not especially partial to leather, but I feel like if you like leather, ostrich shouldn't be a problem. If you don't, then this wouldn't be any different.
  8. i like leather and all...but, there's just something about ostrich i can't stand.
  9. I'm not big on leather myself, just the small things, but I think the ostrich leather as a pattern is asthetically pleasing. I however have never felt it. Its more of a look! dont touch type of thing for me.
  10. to each their own!
    i'm just going to consider it a good thing right now i don't like the ostrich, hehe.
  11. I like it.
  12. I def will post pics when I got the bag! The things I like about ostrich is the leather is so durable, very light in weight, and beautiful!
    I can't wait to see this bag IRL.:nuts: :love:
  13. I can't wait for pics! It's such a gorgeous bag! You're so lucky to be able to order it! I'm so excited for you!
  14. I saw at the flagship store in NYC today, Its gorg!
  15. can't wait until you get it!!:nuts: