Ostrich Legacy Coach Satchel - $3K+

  1. ^^ once upon a time, Coach did in fact make a select few bags in Italy...I know because I own one from 1999. do you know the retail on this beauty?
  2. A few of my friends own older Coach bags that were made in Italy as well. Switched to China for cheaper Marginal Cost prices I guess. :/ Don't know the retail price on this beautiful piece...but would love to find out if anyone on TPF knows!
  3. $5400. Came out a few months ago. Limited Edition Item!
  4. So that is actually a great price.
  5. Some Coach Bags are made in Italy.
  6. Love it!:love:
  7. I think so considering the retail price.
  8. "And whoa, I think this is the first Coach piece that has been handcrafted in Italy."

    Oops, I meant the first Coach piece creed that I've seen that has been handcrafted in Italy. Friends have just told me that they have Coach bags made in Italy.:wtf:

    Omg I want this handbag so badly though!! I don't know if I should BIN it?
  10. I just searched for the style # that the seller listed and nothing showed up on the coach website. Did the limited edition ever show up there?
  11. Wow if anyone buys that I would think they are out of their mind!!!!!!!!! But I guess if you have the money to blow like that then go for it. I think its such a waste! Thats like 3 months rent for me! Thats how I would look at it!

    now I know why they sell items like this for a huge price bc some women will do it so they can get away with it. unlike some of us other ppl who can barely get away with a couple hundred!

    Good Luck!
  12. :graucho: Haha!

    I might try to ask my SA to locate me one first. I hate buying from eBay.
  13. buy it buy it buy it!! is a great deal if you trust the seller
  14. that is beautiful!