Ostrich leather questions.

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  1. Inspired by the snakeskin care thread.
    I've always liked ostrich leather, but so far I've never seen it in shops (except a s.o. LV agenda).
    Anyway, I wanted to know if this type of leather is soft and supple or rather thick and hard. What about the "eyes"? I read on the Hermès sub-forum that they can fall off. If that's true, then this type of leather is very delicate, (and not right for a wallet) right?
  2. Hi,

    I own a handbag business and we currently have one ostrich leather purse in stock. it is made by Carbotti and I will post a pic below. I do not know if all ostrich leather is the same consistency because as we know in calf leather its all in the tanning process. Anyway this purse is what I would call medium. Not the soft leather nor the harder leather. Kind of like nice leather seats in a Cadilac. The "dots" are slightly tougher but not enough to notice.


    Carbotti Handbags - 1561 Ostrich - Made in Italy
  3. Thank you for this info!
  4. I had an ostrich wallet, way back in the days when I carried a wallet in my back jeans pocket; and the dots completely flattened out from me sitting on it! It also got a bit of a patina, very smooth and almost shiny, from the heat, sweat and compression. I wore it out!