Ostrich Ferragamo or Wisteria spy bag?

  1. I will be getting my Ostrich Ferragamo sometime early next week and I have to really really love this bag, for me to keep because the price is $2,950. But then I also have other bag in my mind and that's the Wisteria spy bag (forgot the price but it think it close to the ostrich or a little less). I need you help to decide which one do you think the better bag in long rung. The bag has to be classic, elegant, stylish, and can last for a long time. Thanks guys!!
    Here are the pics I got from NM:

    Ferragamo Ostrich.jpg

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  2. I like the design of the Ferragamo. I do love the color of the Spy, and the detailing on the bag is very nice :love: But, you said you're looking for something classic, elegant, and stylish, and I think the Ferragamo fits all three of these.
  3. Thanks Cristina! You know sometimes I just need the assurance from people like you guys...he he..
    I think I can feel that I am going to like the Ostrich more than the spy.
  4. That Ferragamo Ostrich bag is absolutely GORGEOUS! I would take that bag over the Spy bag anyday! It is a beauty- congrats!
  5. I was js thinking the same. I think those ribbon thingies looke a bit weird. But you have to love it:love:
  6. I guess I'm the odd man out. I'd go for the Spy. I'm not crazy about the style of that Ferragamo bag and I am uncomfortable with exotic skins. That's just my two cents. Let us know what you decide!
  7. I love the Ferragamo! I saw it in the store last night and it looked amazing!
  8. Sweetea, I would stay with the Ferragamo. The spy is a little casual to me. I agree with Cristina - stylish, classic, elegant = ferragamo.
  9. Another vote for the Ferragamo.
    Sweetea, have you been to the Ferragamo outlet in San Marcos? It's worth a trip out there.
  10. i have to vote for that beautiful SPY!!
    the color looks so rich i love it!! and oh those flowers.. i'd day GO for it.. u might regret it when u cant find it later :cry: as the Ferragamo design is so traditional IMO.. and its color is just not as gorgeos as that SPY :love:
  11. 3mongkeys, well I have been to San Marcos once but never been to the Ferragamo outlet. Do you have their phone number there? I could call to see if they have the Ostrich. What is the diff between the outlet product and the regular product? Is there a big price diff between the two? I meant any price diff will be worth it if you are crazy about the bag I guess. I am not good about finding good bargain on things. sigh.

    Thanks for your comments and your opinions guys..It's really hard for me to decide because I am a spy bag lover and I have the dark brown one and looove it. I also been wanting the good Ostrich leather bag for a good awhile and the color on the ostrich and of course I love SF, seems so perfect! So I am torned between the two bags. I guess when the ostrich arrives that when I feel a little better and will be able to tell if I am totally in love with it or not. ;)
  12. Wow lucky you! I wanted to see it. Hmmm can you discribe the bag when you see and touch the bag? LOL..Did you try it? :P
  13. I say Ostrich :biggrin:
  14. The ostrich ferragamo is absolutely breathtaking and I can see that bag as classic. Keep the Ferragamo when you get it ;P
  15. Sweetea,

    Can you please pretty please buy the ostrich so that we could enviously lust over your pictures of it? It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I cannot get over how beautiful that bag is with that magnificent color! Forget the wisteria spy, this ferragamo is brilliant!