Ostrich Downtown Lining - Help

  1. Hi ladies! I'm new to the YSL section on the forum and am just learning more about these incredible bags. Wow! You all have such great taste! I'm curious on the ostrich downtown bags (or ostrich any style) if anyone knows if the lining is satin or suede. Your help is so appreciated. Thanks!!!
  2. i don't know about the downtown but the ostrich rive gauche is lined in suede (mine is dark brown suede, don't know if they use it in all colors).
  3. The downtown's I've seen... fall/winter, with no extra zips & pocket on the front - have a suede lining.. feels real... guess it is.
  4. the auction's over so it's too late but the bag could be real -- at least the interior looks right. the skin looks a little funny because there are so many follicles and they are so close together but i imagine that every skin is different. i'm surprised that the retail is only $2400 -- the ostrich rive gauche is almost $5000.
  5. I too thought the follicles looked a bit off at first, but then I pulled up some pics on the forum of the new colors that were out in Ostrich and I put the pics side by side. The eBay item did look like the picture here on the forum. Color the same and follicles very similar so I thought it looked very good. The seller looks very legit as well, so it was probably real. Thanks for your input.
  6. this bag is fake!
    the skin looks cheap, definitely not real ostrich
    and the retail of the ostrich downtown is $8200!
  7. I checked the spring/summer downtowns (with the zippers & pocket in front) & they have the top 4 or 6 inches lined in suede & the remainder of the bag is now lined with satin.