Ostrich & Darkening Handles...

  1. Hi everyone, I am thinking about ordering an ostrich birkin in the near future but have a major concern about the darkening handles:sad:

    How long does to take for this to start happening considering it gets used and doesn't just sit in the closet?

    Which colors would you recommend in order to hind this or make it less evident?

    I live between Miami and San Juan,PR so I am thinking of Fuschia or Vert Anis....

    Ostrich owners please advise:flowers:
  2. I have fuchsia and yet to have this problem but I am careful and try to minimize contact with my hands...I suspect it will happen eventually.
  3. Maybe you could try tying a twilly or pocket square around the handles to prevent darkening.
  4. It depends how often you use the bag and how much oils are in your skin. I use my ostrich bag only after wiping my hands of any creme before leaving my house. Ostrich is beautiful but it will darken. Like most H bags I think that the darkening and wear looks great.
  5. My friend's mother used to put on hand creme every day as she drove to work and after 2 years the steering wheel started eroding away!! And it was leather too! LoL

    Just a reminder what we put on us, rubs off us! :yes:
  6. What a great thread. I am curious about this too.
  7. a twilly around the handles is a very nice idea! Its hard to stay away from ostrich just because of this....if it were such an issue I guess they wouldn't sell:smile:
  8. I'm pretty anal, so I use TWO twillies on the handle as double layers of protection. I don't wear lotions and I'm not one of those people who sweat a lot (plus I don't use my stuff often), even then ... the handle still darken after a while.
  9. Hi koukanamiya, I have a fuchia ostrich birkin, I've got it for 3 yrs., it sn't come dark yet. I would recommend Blu Roi in ostrich.
  10. Good to see you back here, Sakara! Blue Roi ostrich is beautiful .... :love:
  11. IMO it would seem a shame to buy a bag that you felt you had to put scarves on the handles before you used it. You should get a bag you are comfortable using and knowing it will change a bit over time with use -- but it shows all the enjoyment you had out of it and will continue to have out of it.
  12. i don't think its just ostrich that will have that problem. With the exception of black, havanne, ebene, the lighter colors in most leather will all show signs of darkening anyway...
  13. My cognac ostrich handles darkened in less than two months.

    I always wait for my hand cream to absorb, or if not, I hold my bag from house to car with a cotton cloth wrapped around the handle. The drive to wherever usually gives enough time for the cream to absorb.

    But since I also do carry the bag on my arm, I guess it picks up body lotion. Ah well. Batwings, darkened handles. If nothing else, it shows my bag lives a life and is used, rather than sitting at home in its sleeper.
  14. I have a fuschia ostrich birkin and my handles have already gotten dark. I've had the bag less than a year. I guess it is because I carry the bag quite often. I don't worry about it. It doesn't look bad or anything and I don't have the patience to wrap a twilly around the handles.
  15. I say get the color you love and don't worry about the handles.