Ostrich colour change

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  2. I think it's very beautiful. I don't really notice anything.
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  3. you could try leather conditioner. It will make it look better initially but may not last long. Looks fine to me
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    That's natural and how ostrich behaves, as it ages. As it is used it becomes smoother and darker, looks to me as though the ostrich was the same colour but the flap and body came from 2 separate skins that have taken the dye differently. The quill part is only some of the skin and on larger pieces they have to go with the eye and matching quill appearance rather than the same skin (ostrich can have a lot of waste).

    BV can perhaps do something to make it look more uniform, but I would strongly advise you not to do anything to your bag yourself. Leather conditioner will actually usually make it darker.
  5. If you bought the bag from BV take it back to them and explain what is going on
    If you didn’t get it from BV contact Modern Leather in NYC and see what they can do for you
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