ostrich bottega vs ysl rive gauche

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I adore BV and have a large dark brown napa leather with the two handles, small classic veneta in very light brown and a classic evening clutch in the grey/beige combo.
    I have recently fallen in love with the ysl ostrich rive gauche and went to the store to have a close look last night. Afterwards I went into the BV store across the road and had a look at their ostrich, which is mama baguette style with brass gold closure and details. The colour was noce. The ysl is £2800 and the bv is £3,250. What do you think?
  2. Are there pics online? I'll see if I can find photos to compare. They sound beautiful.
  3. Any pictures?
  4. I'm so sorry but I'm completely techno-illiterate and don't know how to post pics. The ostrich rive gauche is in the ysl forum and the white version of the bottega ostrich is on page 85 of the spring/summer 2007 catalogue.:jammin:

    I hope this link works to the catalog...it does work, but you have to enter the page # and jump to it. Sorry!
  6. [​IMG]

    Here is the rive gauche....

    Ok...now what color in this bag? And, what color are we talking in the BV?
  7. I would go for the BV ostrich over YSL ostrich. From what i recall, YSL's ostrich has the bumps whereas BV's ostrich has their bumps flattened. I prefer flattened bumps because IMO it looks better and it takes more work to flatten them.
  8. I like the bottega ostrich it looks very classie.
  9. OK, looked at my catalog (duh, didn't know the bag you were talking about was in there) and I'd get the BV over the YSL. significant price difference, tho.
  10. I like the BV bag better.
  11. The ysl I liked is a very light mushroom colour (Hermes does a similar colour for the Birkin), it looks very classy. The BV is like a golden brown. The clasp is different to the white one in the catalogue. Mine is antique looking gold (it's from the winter collection) vs the ostrich leather covering on the white one.
    Ysl is more roomy, I can carry around my documents etc as well and I wouldn't need a separate briefcase (I have e black LV epi briefcase). The BV is timeless though. I don't normally spend this much on a bag, but for various reasons, I want to get a present for myself and it has to be an investment piece as I can't fork out this much often! Thanks lovelies x
  12. Maybe this tips the decision to the YSL? Tough choice, but you would have a gorgeous bag either way!
  13. Wow, that YSL is gorgeous!!! I haven't seen the BV, so I am going to assume I like both, but I do love the YSL's color!
  14. ebruo, are you talking about the all ostrich RG or the leather/ostrich one that kellybag posted? i got the all ostrich RG in Natural and ultimately returned it because the bald spots on the corners really bugged me (and i was told that all the bags look like this).


  15. Yes, it is the allover ostrich one I liked. The colour is different though, it's light grey. I don't mind the lack of raised bits at the corners, my concern is that the bag will look outdated in 18 months. Did anything else bother you about the bag? Thank u x