Ostrich Blues

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  1. I bet I got your attention, didn't I? Hope the answers are forthcoming though.

    What sort of blue colours are available in ostrich skin? There are
    - Blue Jean
    - Bleu Roi
    - ???

    And of all the blue colours, which one is the darkest? Which one is the most "neutral"
  2. Blue Sapphire
  3. My bleu roi kelly is pretty dark and neutral...I'm at work but have pics listed elsewhere - it's a GREAT color!
  4. ^^ thanks, shoes! I'll go search for your photo/s! Be right back.
  5. I put one in the Hermes in Action yesterday too!
  6. I LOVE Shoes' Blue Roi ostrich.......and you ROCK that bag, Shoes!!!! Gorgeous!!!!
  7. shoes's bleu roi kelly



    I now need to hunt for Blue Jean Ostrich to compare with your lovely Bleu Roi Ostrich, shoes.

    Doing research on Hermes is so fun!
  8. oh dear ... the search for a blue jean ostrich bag is harder than I thought .. finding a needle in a haystack. Do we actually have any member here who owns a bag in BJ ostrich? I won't be going to the H store for awhile, otherwise, I would have dropped in to compare the colour swatches.
  9. MrsS, I don't think bleu jean ostrich is currently in production. NYC removed the swatch when they updated their leather book.
    There is also cobalt blue.
  10. Geez I was going to say that's a might big pic of me so early this morning lol! But the bag looks good!! It's a fav. blue...very subdued -- btw, what style bag are you thinking of??!!!
  11. shoes, that kelly is gorgeous!! :smile:

    Mrssparkles.. i would love to see BJ ostrich as well.. i'm sure its divine! I hope they put it back into production soon.. i would hate to miss out on this gorgeous color!

    HG... do u know if they still make it in crocodile? TIA
  12. would love to see a bj ostrich kelly.. but yea,h that bleu roi is darn pretty..
  13. shoes, you look amazing!!! That Kelly is absolutely gorgeous. a BJ ostrich would be beautiful although I have yet to see one.
  14. MrsS, does this mean you're thinking of getting an ostrich soon?????
  15. funny she's not answer that question mp!!