Ostrich Birkins and Miss you guys!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm at the business center of the hotel right now. Just wanted to say hi!!! Today at Hermes they were changing the window displays so I was watching for a while.:graucho:
    I don't know if anyone has reported yet but SF has a GORGEOUS 25cm ostrich Birkin in orange and a 35cm Tri color ostrich Birkin in red/orange/brown. The 25 is sooooo pretty and if I had a spare 8600 it would be mine! LOL
    I got the "say it with flowers" pocket square in the red colorway. :love:
    The rest of the bags were the same as I reported from last weekend. I'll check tomorrow one more time. Gotta go! I'll be back tomorrow night! :flowers:
  2. Thanks for the report, Crochetbella :flowers:
  3. Are you having fun? Enjoy that lovely scarf and Thanks for the report!!
  4. Thx CB for the report! you are so sweet!

    Thanks for the update - watching the windows being changed would've been FAB!!
  6. Thanks for the report, and hope you're having a great time!
  7. Thanks for the update cb and hope you're having fun!
  8. Hi CB!!! So nice to have you drop in and say HI! Congrats on the pouchette! I think the red does make it stand out more.
  9. Thank you for the update crochetbella!

    I hope one day we'll see each other again there :smile:
  10. THanks for the report! I felt like I was there with you...Orange Ostrich 25cm sounds awsome.:love:
  11. What a sweetie pie!...she REALLY is a warm sweet person, I was lucky enough to have met her at the S.F. meeting.
  12. ooohhh, that ostrich 25 birkin sounds adorable!

    have fun, CB!
  13. HI CB!!!! Hope you're having a blast! I would have loved to watch the windows being changed....how fun! Hope you post again before I have to take off for the East Coast in the wee hours on Sunday! I want to read all about your shopping adventures in SF!!!!
  14. Sounds nice! Look forward to your update!
  15. Hi! Thanks for the report. :flowers: I'm trying to picture that tri-color ostrich though. The 25cm sounds beautiful!!