Ostrich Bayswater

  1. I was just browsing through Net-A-Porter's What's New, like I do every week, and then I noticed this beauty


    Quite expensive and different, but I think I like it, not that I would buy it in a million years ;)
  2. Lovely Bayswater...but very, very expensive. ¿Who can afford she :crybaby:?
  3. WOW :drool:
    In some magazine not long ago I saw Bayswater in RED CROC:nuts: That was soooooo beautiful and if I remember right, $ 15 000.
  4. I absolutely :heart: this bag :tup: it does remind me of a Hermes Birkin a little but the colour is TDF :drool:
  5. I just posted it in the Authentic finds thread, but personally I prefer the classic ones