ostrich bag

  1. anyone know what i can use to clean/refresh/moisturize my ostrich bolide ...........it looks fine but i just wnat to keep it quenched.
  2. the Hermes spa?
  3. not sure it needs that. anything i can do myself? its in perfect condition.
  4. see, I reckon with such an expensive, gorgeous bag, I wouldn't try anything myself on it. And I'm quite the do-it-yourselfer.....but not when it comes to expensive exotics.
  5. ^ I agree with GF. Definitely do not wanna try anything on exotics.
  6. Me three!
  7. Ditto! As much as I clean and re-moisturize a lot of my H and non-H bags myself, I leave it to the experts when it comes to exotics... I also bring my leather bags to the spa when I want to clean up the corner wear...