Ostrich Bag - thoughts??

  1. It is a pretty bag. Ostrich is more durable than croc in my opinion. It would depend on whether you like your bags to remain "pristine". I once followed a woman into the bridal department of Barney's NYC. She was wearing a beat up Amazonia Birkin that I thought was the most fabulous bag ever. I special ordered one and waited 3 years for it. I still don't have the "beat up" look that hers had.
  2. giselle, i have two ostrich birkins, one in 30 and one in 35 and here are my thoughts for you:
    black is great but in ostrich you don't get the same "look" as you do in ostrich in bright colors. the spots don't show as well.
    in a black bag usuall i want more room so i'd go for 35 if it's a day bag you want.
    that bag she is selling is 13,500 in the store. you're paying a HUGE markup there.
    if you are okay with all that then you're fine.
    i love both of mine, even the 35 is super light. my 30 is bright fuschia
    which in such a bold color, the smaller size is perfect.
    best of luck with your choice, ostrich is so durable, neither of mine have any marks yet whatsoever and i don't expect to see any anytime soon.
  3. I think ostrich is a wonderful leather. The way it looks, the way it feels, the way it wears. I recently sold an ostrich bag (not H) on eBay and now furiously searching for another to fill the void.

    Like Haute said, the black ostrich is more subdued than the brightly colored ostriches, but I suppose it all depends on what you're looking to use the bag for.

    I personally think an ostrich Birkin is fab, and the 30 is a great size for transitioning from day to evening. Still plenty of room for whatever you might carry.
  4. I LOVE ostrich. Had a 31cm Bolide in Rust that I adored, never took it out of its box, just opened it up to reverently touch it and stare at it once in awhile. Then STUPIDLY let my DH talk me into GIVING IT AWAY on eBay (sob!). I hadn't realized how much the price of ostrich has increased and got ripped off big-time. To fill the void, I've had to order myself another ostrich bag. Lesson learned: NEVER LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO SAYS YOU DON'T NEED IT JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T CARRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I like ostrich a lot and have a 35cm chocolate birkin. Unlike HC I think that black ostrich is fabulous and you don't have to worry about darkening handles. You'll love how lightweight ostrich is.
  6. I have gone through 2 ostrich bags already, but both not Hermes. I'm eyeing on a new H ostrich bag but I kind of hesitate based from past experience. Ostrich bags pop really nicely if the color is bright but the handles darken very easily from carrying. Each of my bags was carried almost everyday for a few months, then the handles became so dark even the rest of the bags still look quite good. After seeing some of the pictures here, I figured that the best way to protect the handles is to wrap them with Twilly scarf. Has anyone done that? Good protection?
  7. I have an ostrich bag, not an H. Was your bag hand carried? My is shoulder & have had no problem with it.
    I looking for a bolide ostrich now. I think H's ostrich are very rich looking, better than many I've seen.
  8. Heres my baby Miss Bubbly.

    This bag was swimming around in 3 foot of flood water for two hours , the leather blistered like crazy,

    two days later she had all dried out and I was amazed at how durable she was , but sadly she now has a small tide mark

    Ostrich is so tough but it just hates sweaty hands on its handles, or any kind of oil spillage , I think thats why mine got a tide mark even though just a small one due to the foul flood water,

    I love Ostrich skin
    Not the live ones :graucho:
    my ostrich kelly after polishing.jpg
  9. I have a 30 cm vert anis ostrich and it is perfect. I never thought I would want a 30 but i think that exotics are great in smaller sizes since they are a lil dressier. As for the handle darkening . . . . I have kept mine very babied. I do not baby my other H bags but i do not want the handles to darken on such a light color bag. I have ordered 2 twillies that I am picking up on my next vegas trip. Then I will be ready to use that green bird all the time after I get them
  10. Ardneish: LOL on that comment in bold. I can't quite see the tide mark on the picture though. I think it should be gone once the leather gets the shiny patina.

  11. I love my ostrich!! I don't care if others think I have nothing to match.