Oslo LV Meet

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  1. Anyone interested? Would be nice to meet fellow TPFers here in Norway:smile:.
  2. Just saw this....it would be great to meet up but I dont think there are many TPFers here in Norway or????
    P.S. this is my first post....
    Regards from Fredrikstad
  3. Just read your post, Pattythelegend... sorry about that... I guess there isn't a lot of TPFers here in Norway. But if you have plans of going to Oslo, pls let me know. Would be nice to meet up and maybe shop at LV together:smile:....
  4. Sorry, I just saw this...I'm still trying to find my way around here. So ironic, I just replied to bagmanaic 23 and said I have no LV friends here in Norway...sorry! That would be great!!:tup::flowers: I'm sure our SA's would be quite surprised to see us coming in....

    Regards from pattythelegend
  5. I bet they will! I'm already excited:yahoo:! I'll be going there tomorrow and I can't wait to mention this to the wonderful people there. Just keep me posted as to when you intend to visit Oslo so that we could make plans:tup::tup:...
  6. I'm supposed to go get my gold mirior cosmetic case when it comes in and as u know they r delayed. I'm sooo excited for u what u r getting today. We'll meet soon I promise:jammin:
    Have a great LV day!!!:yahoo:

    Regards from pattythelegend
  7. this is so cool! i'm also waiting for my gold miroir cosmetic case:tup:. i just hope we both get them soon:smile:.
  8. Hi Biancaboo...sorry for late reply...yes I'm dying to get mine:yes: