Oslo Hermes Reveal....

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!

    I finally made my way to Oslo again, the last time I was here the Hermes store opened just a couple of days after I left, so this time I was determined to enter!

    It's a lovely store, though a bit small. I was greeted by a lovely young lady, must add that I kind of looked like I was dragged out of the gutter... 10 hours spent at a Microsoft Professionals Workshop totally wore me out... Anyhow :P

    My purpose today was to browse and maybe pick up a few small items I've been wanting, the SA happily showed me around and when I started to share some of my H-knowledge she was happily surprised or shall I say rather shocked :wlae: She told me she was delighted to hear someone share a love for the brand (I basically new more than her thanks to tpf :graucho:).

    When I contiued on an asked her if the Black Kelly on display was box or tadelaki I kind of blew her away (and realised I had to restrain myself :P). She told me that this lovely Kelly 32 cm indeed was box as it was from 2008 and the new bags from 2009 would be tadelaki. They also had two Medor clutches in black box. And a gorgeous Black Box Constance :drool:

    Well well, we chatted on and I tried on a few small things, kind of proud of myself for not going completely bananas (remember I came straight from Microsoft-hell without any dinner...). My budget is not unlimited either, but my H-collection is still growing :yahoo:

    So, I've taken some pictures in crappy lighting in my hotelroom. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do :heart:

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  2. Yey! tear off those ribbons!!!!
  3. Ooh goodie a live reveal - let's see is that a plisse box I see??:yahoo:
  4. No maybe a twilly and......:woohoo:
  5. Slowly unwrapping it... :yahoo:

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  6. plisse!
  7. Maybe a plisse next time... :graucho:

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  8. Congrats very nice Twilly :tup:
    Now for the big box - a nice 90x90 scarf or a gavroche?
  9. Starting to open the next one.... :tup:

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  10. Beautiful Baggiegirl!!! Would like to see some actions pics too.

    And I am curious to see the... lovely silk scarf???
  11. I can't guess...very exciting :sweatdrop:
  12. As I said it was small items, I'm not ready for a big girl scarf yet :tup: although I don't think I can call myself a girl anymore.... Oh well :P

    The big box contains this...

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  13. Ooooh a lovely gavroche - nice things come in small packages and even better they're from Hermes!! Well done you:yahoo: hope you enjoy your pieces.:yes:
  14. A closeup...

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  15. Oh how lovely items you got. Congrats!