Oskar Waltz relisted on ebay

  1. That is pretty!! Out of my range though. LOL
  2. To much.
  3. Ahh.. maybe in a few years.. and by few, I mean FOREVER !
  4. Holy Crap! Irene, didn't you pay like $2K less?!?!
  5. that's way too much for this bag... i'd pass on this.

    Iluvbags, are you still looking for this bag? i remember you had a thread about it awhile back.
  6. The one on let-trade is sold for so much less...and of course Irene got a great deal compared to this one! :nuts:
  7. It's too pricey! Fortunately, it's not my way!
  8. YEAH BABY!!! I paid US$5599.90 for mine!!:wlae:
  9. this bag is so beautiful. everytime i see it I love it. I just don't understand paying that much. don't kill me
  10. The price it ridiculous!
  11. Love it
  12. I wonder if they will ever sell it at that price?

    I know its limited but $8500? :sweatdrop:

  13. **Just edited this. I thought it sold but it didnt. I was looking at the old listing **
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