OSKAR Waltz on eBay

  1. oh so pretty!
  2. That is gorgeous. Too bad it's way out of my price range :sad:
  3. Fabulase.
  4. does anybody have 5600$ for me? :shame:
  5. i think LV_addict is thinking about getting this. hope she sees this!
  6. My dream bag..it's like a treasure!!
  7. MY DREAM BAG TOO. oh my goodness. but i showed my dad he likes it but he wont buy it. (its half of my school tuition for a year, eek)
  8. Oh mY GAWD!!! I wish I could have this bag. :drool: :drool:
  9. Where's Irene !? :graucho:
  10. haha, yep where is Irene. if you dont get it, i might faint!

  11. You're lucky you're dad's not buying it because it's $5000! My dad never buys me anything! :lol:
  12. My dad gave me $5000 for my wedding reception, but I am certain that he would not do the same for a handbag, lol!
  13. gorgeous!! I am drooling!
  14. I am here!:graucho:
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