Oskar Waltz? Anyone?

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  1. The price:wtf:
  2. it's gone already
  3. This bag has been on and off eBay for months!!! Her/his original asking price was 10K!!!:nuts:

  4. No way? I was thinking that if someone bought it for 8k then I would seriously think about selling mine. LOL. :roflmfao:

    I love my Oskar but if I could get 8k for it..............................:wlae:
  5. Someone bought it at the last minute for $7,000!!! Wowza!!!
  6. I am so glad this one just doesn't appeal to me
  7. The back ground in the photos is a little off putting....or is it just me?

  8. It just looks like somone's closet in the background. Is that a bad thing? :shrugs:
  9. It looks more like a garage to me? With the wire shelves and the table and boxes stacked up :shrugs:
  10. It looks like someone's closet and it seems they have alot to sell!!
  11. I love the background in the first pic!!! :drool:
  12. What is the retail on it?? That is pricey!!!

  13. Retail was like somewhere between $5200-5400. Can't remember exactly

    the price fluctuates a bit when I see members talking about it on the forum b-cuz of the currency transfer translation---euros, candian dollars, GBP, etc. (foreign currency). But i know for a fact that it was alteast over 5200 :yes:
  14. I remember seeing that auction several times in the past. It does seem that her original asking price was very high. It caused quite a bit of discussion on other boards.

    Plus, I agree.....what a mess that closet is! Why would you list such an expensive item with a background that looks like that?!

    Oh,well. It worked for her. She sold it.