OSKAR anyone?

  1. wow shes really jacking up the price~
  2. wow. what was retail on it?
  3. I know nothing about that bag, is that an authentic one?
  4. US$5250.00
  5. Looks like it to me but she tripled the price!!!:rant:
  6. That is a huge mark-up. and BIN $14,000 I guess if you have money burning holes in your pockets!
  7. It's so beautiful :love: But with that kind of money, I'd rather buy a Birkin :P
  8. oh boy....3 times more than retail..
  9. Exactly. :lol:
  10. I agree. I'd rather get a Birkin :lol:
  11. I adore that bag but the price:shocked:
  12. so beautiful.......
  13. ridiculous price.
  14. Too expensive! This is last season's style anyway. But still quite beautiful, and great for collectors. I'd rather have a Birkin!