Oscar the Lovely Cat

  1. Here's my cat Oscar - I hope you can make him out in the avatar and signature pic and they are the smallest I have, the others are too big to upload. I've added one other below.

    He's a 2 year old silver persian - I got him from a sanctuary in December and he's spent all of his life in pens. After the people who bred him split up, he and 13 others went into care but he's a happy boy now!

    Hobbies: sleeping, football, sleeping, ripping tails off toy mice, sleeping, pooing, staring, sleeping
    Favourite Food: stuff in jelly, cat biscuits
    Dislikes: combs, brushes, any TV show not featuring animals, people sitting on his part of the sofa, Karen trying to lie on the sofa, losing his bouncy ball, people laughing at his expressions when he poos, dustbags on handbags
    Ambitions: to get at the handbags
  2. Aaaaw!!! That's so nice of you to give him a good home! I love happy endings.
  3. That is cool that you rescued him and am giving him a good home. I think the list of dislikes are so funny.
  4. :roflmfao: pooing!:roflmfao: too funny!
  5. So precious :heart:
  6. That's so great that he has a good cat life now after his first 2 years in shelter. He's a handsome boy. This is a nice story--thanks for sharing!
  7. cute kitty
  8. Oscar is so beautiful, bellisimo! Very funny the things that he dont like!
  9. He is so cute!