Oscar Night! what will you be doing?

  1. Oscar night is big at our house...i always take the day after off so i can relax with champagne and watch the show from the earliest pre arrivals to the after parties etc...
    such fun!
    and fun food pizza nachos and creme brulee lol:yahoo:
  2. I like to watch the red carpet arrivals. I dont really watch the show unless my favorite actress/actor or movie is nominated.
  3. Mr Puff and I will, as usual, take full advantage of this opportunity to "give back" to the entertainment community with our regular Oscar tradition of providing, free of charge, excellent advice and critiques of the fashion choices of those celebrities who did not consult with us in advance.

    It saddens me to say that as in previous years, the number of celebrities who have availed themselves of our wisdom is holding steady at zero.

    Nevertheless, we will still have the kindness to share the benefit of our counsel, taking, as we always do, the extra precaution of carefully shouting directly at the screen and loud enough to be heard across the miles to Hollywood...
  4. :lol: I love Oscar Night. To me it's the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Love the pre-show and the post-show commentary. I have had Oscar parties in the past and to me they are the best! LOVE LOVE it. It is defintely something best shared with others---so you can comiserate with each other on how much better things would be if only everyone listened to us (both fashion and award choices! :p
  5. For the last 5 or 6 years I have been having a get together with my 2 sisters and a couple of friends on Oscar night. They come over early for the red carpet, I fix dinner/snacks, we have Oscar trivia contests, and of course vote for the winners. I pick up small prizes, everyone always looks forward to it. My sisters and I always take the next day off from work.
  6. I will be asleep, since it will be nighttime for us Europeans. :sad:
  7. I hate watching the actual ceremony. To be honest, I don't like ceremonies in general-- weddings, awards shows, etc-- I find them excruciatingly dull :shame:

    I do, however, enjoy the fashion police report on E with Debbie Matenopolous. Occasionally I'll watch the red carpet arrivals, too. That's about it...
  8. i'm going to an oscar's party! Chocolate fondue and the oscar fashions! should be fun! (the host has a fondue fountain that will be flowing away!)
  9. Wow - Oscar 'parties' sound so fun!
  10. ^^^ I hope! I've been to them in the past and I've always had fun. The party begins before the show starts with us casting our votes for the awards (where we can tease each other when our choices lose or win! :p ) and people are encouraged to dress up for the show if they want. gotta find an old bridesmaid dress!
  11. I'm spending the weekend at my aunt's house and will be watching it there.
  12. I usually go to my mom's, as I will this year without my husband because he hates that stuff, and a few other female family friends come over....then we eat and talk about the dresses pre show, and watch part of the show
  13. Always jealous of you Americans on Oscar night: it's broadcast live at 1am here :sad: I always try to watch as much as possible, but have never been able to have a nice Oscar party in which I could "give back" to Hollywood too :biggrin:
  14. I've hosted Oscar get togethers in the past with red carpet and all, but this year I am still getting over the flu so I will probably be in comfy pj's just watching. Oh and hoping by some small chance that Johnny Depp can pull an upset and beat Daniel Day-Lewis(terrific actor but he's won already!) well it could happen!
  15. The best part is the red carpet, I actually don't care about the ceremony. I'm psyched to see what everyone is wearing!