Feb 3, 2006
Here's a link to the more prominant actresses gowns for the famous event.

What did you ladies think of the fashion choices this year?

I know this is my second thread in like, a few minutes, but I can't sleep and I'm watching the Oscar fashion police on E!, and I adoreee award
show fashion. :-P
My favorites:

Jessica Alba: the girl would be gorgeous if she threw on a trash bag and rolled around in the mud, but she's truly stunning in the amazing gown! The color & style are beautiful, and her hair accents it well.

Nicole Kidman radiates such a classic kind of beauty. She's the face of Chanel No.5 for a reason. :smile:

Michelle Williams has come a long way from playing the mostly annoying, slightly lovable skanky girl next door from Dawson's Creek. I'm really loving the unique color/style of this dress. The only thing I would have done differently would be that lipstick.

I also really loved Uma Thurman's gown, she looked amazing. And Hillary Swank ( who I usually don't like ) looked hot and super tiny in her litle black ( I believe versace) dress. :smile:

soooo, what do you think?
I thought Michelle Williams looked absolutely stunning in her unique gown. She's definitely come a long way from Dawson's--she was great in Brokeback. Jessica Alba looked awesome too, although I think I would have liked her gown even better if it was all one design/color as opposed to the bodice being different.
I loved the color of Keira's gown, but I'm not a big fan of asymmetric styles in general.
I thought Meryl Streep looked great!
I didn't like Felicity Huffman's gown on her--I thought the V neck was too wide and didn't flatter her.
I thought Selma Hayek was just amazing. What a beauty!!!

The dead cat/pillow thing on Charlize Theron's shoulder was a fashion boo-boo, but other than that, most of the gowns were very classy and flattering.
cate22 said:
I liked Keira Knightley's gown. And Jennifer Aniston -- thought she looked great!!

I agree, she was beautiful!!!!! :nuts:

I also kind of liked the huge bow on Charlize Theron's gown (sp might be wrong on name).
I really loved Uma's dress, she looked etheral in it ! Jessica is always stunning and Selma's dress really highlighted her skin tone.

I was not impressed with Reese's dress.. kind of looked like a crazy tiered cake.