Oscar De la Hoya...I dont believe it

  1. no doubt photoshopped!
  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha, photoshoped all the way, but still funny!!
  3. laughing at this guys stolen set of Ritz Carlton towels in the background :lol:

    verah classy ;)
  4. LOL I noticed that too, i just assumed these pics were taken in the hotel. x17 claims his lawyer asked them to take down the pics and hasnt disputed authenticity of them - so i guess they are real!
  5. Actually that IS The Ritz Carlton. Those pics are taken in one of the hotel rooms.

    They are so obviously photoshopped.:rolleyes:
  6. if they are real, it must have been one hell of a party:boxing::drinkup:
  7. that is so funny!!!
  8. Haha...
  9. :lol:I wont be suprised if they are real...
  10. the towels are real, just doesn't look like a Ritz to me!:lol:
  11. lollll, hahaha
  12. Oh wow-what a horrible photoshop deal. But damn that made me LOL for real!

  13. Me neither! Sometimes he talks like a girl.
  14. i thought that was in the ritz?

    anyway, too funny! :roflmfao: