OS or regular Alexa?!

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  1. Just wondering what your opinions are... which would you rather; the OS or regular Alexa?
  2. I would go with regular personally but that is only because I am only 5'2 and am easily swamped by bags. I bought a Bayswater but ended up returning it for this reason.

    Are you thinking of getting one then? Noticed your signature. xx
  3. Yeah definitely... once I have the money... If ever!
  4. You never know, maybe they will make it to the sale?!! xx
  5. Maybe :smile:
    I'm scouring the internet now. Ebay, Bonanzle and Tradera look good!
  6. Be careful, the fakers are already out in force!! There have been a few turning up on the authentication thread. Make sure you get them checked first!! Good luck on your hunt, hope you get the bag you want! xx
  7. I will do - thanks very much!
  8. i tried on the regular in-store and thought it was the perfect size! (i'm 5'6)
    i'm not planning to use the alexa for work or school, just regular casual wear, so i'm not planning to carry too much in it
    i've read the OS is roughly the same size as the Bays and I think it would just be too overwhelming on me to wear it crossbody (i have a small frame)
  9. For me it is also the regular. I am not so good in understanding 5, something (that measuring system) I am not so tall 161 cm (metric).

    But most impotant is to consider how you will use it. Do you bring a lot of things with you everyday the OS might be the one for you. As mentioned it is around same size as Bayswater. If you don't carry too much with you the regular will be fine. For me it is a perfect everyday size. Take a look irl and try if possible !
  10. I usually like really big bags - I have the Daria and Mitzy hobos - but I went for the regular Alexa. It seemed to work better for me in the smaller size.
  11. I went for the oversized one, but that is because I want to use it for work too and it needs to held A4 papers + I love Bays and the OS comes close to that size. (I am about 173 cm without heels and about 180 with heels))
  12. I went for the OS Oak Leopard..I like big bags...
  13. I bought an OS OL too but I love big bags....
  14. I do not have an Alexa as yet but after much thought i have decided to go for an OS Alexa ..... i love the regular but for an extra £100 you get a lot more bag....

  15. :lolots:

    That is so true!!!