OS muse owners...still any out there?

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  1. I am considering this in the dark grey croc....not sure why I am going back to this bag...but I just love the grey croc, and think the size could be nice for work...and just a cool look ....so old, but yet so beautiful and classic.

    Love the sac de jour, but if I see another hand held tote, I may go crazy....:smile:
  2. I love my black OS muse, I LOVE nubuck since the day qhen it came out but I have two other bags in the same croc pattern in nubuck, one being the same grey besace...so no justification for yet another :smile: it is a simple bag, iconic yet really simple and very functional beautiful tote. I love hand held bags, they look classy
  3. I have two OS Muse bags. Love them.
  4. I have a white oversize Muse, love it. In my opinion the OS is a timeless iconic bag.
  5. I sold mine and regret it every now and then. I don't brood over it too much but sometimes think it was the dumbest thing I ever did because I sold it for peanuts.
  6. i actually just got one form the outlet, and very happy about it