OS Muse on a 5,3".. Please post pictures!!

  1. I'm thinking of buying an OS Muse - I can't go to a store and try one, as there are no YSL in Denmark :sad:

    If you are around 5,3" (163 cm) Please post pictures of your OS Muse wearing it on the shoulder ...

    Thanks a lot! :smile:
  2. I had an oversized Muse but it was way to big for me personally (I am 5ft 4" and weigh 110 lbs). So I changed it for the Large Muse which is still big but just not so overpowering :yes:

    I love the Oversized but I just couldn't carry it off :sad:
  3. I'm 5'4 and I have the Large Muse and I think it's the largest size I could go for. The OS Muse is much more like luggage on my frame.
  4. Thanks everyone :smile:)
  5. here's my photo, I'm 160 cm tho... i don't find it's TOO big for me just a little bit big for me :yes:

    hope this would help :smile:
  6. Thanks a lot thai freind ....looks good on you! :smile: