OS Alexa Sparkle Tweed Gunmetal Leather


Mulberry Addict
Nov 28, 2010

I have been reading posts from last summer re this bag and it being delicate.

Just wondering whether anyone has an update on how their bag is wearing or maybe some pictures?

I am interested in a bag on ebay, but wouldn't be able to return it as its outside the guarantee

thanks for any advice



Sep 24, 2011
London, UK, still Europe !!
I got a regular Alexa in sparkle tweed (weeders green, bronze-olive tone) only last week and have worn it once so far. I know the Mulberry is instructing to really baby the bag, but I feel that the bag is more resilient than it seems. The sparkle could apparently fade, but I inspected my trousers after carrying the bag a coupe of hours and there was not even 1 sparkle on it to my suprise. I will spray the bag before every use though. Time will tell if the bags wears well. Hopefully other members have the bags and used it for longer and are still happy with it.


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Aug 7, 2009
England in the countryside
I don't have gunmetal, I have powder beige sparkle tweed and it is super delicate. I wore mine with medium coloured jeans, which have been washed so it's not like the dye should rub off, but it did, the back of my Alexa is stained really badly blue. I knew it would happen though because sparkle tweed is so delicate. Since you are on about the gunmetal, I think you should be ok in the colour transfer department because it's pretty much a lighter black. Just don't rub it on stuff too much because the sparkle starts to rub off. It's so gorgeous though!