OS Alexa in Oak - where to find?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am in desperate need for the OS Alexa in the Oak, has anyone seen any anywhere that I can get my paws on one?

    As I am in Australia, if I call the store directly, will they be able to ship it out to me or will I have to do it online?


    PS. Does anyone know if they ship from Singapore to Australia?
  2. I'm sure the Mulberry stores will take your orders over the phone (and also over email). I'd writtern to Mulberry UK earlier (about something else) and they were very helpful - told me to write or call if I needed anything.

    It's really expensive to order an Alexa from Singapore - the retail prices here are way above the UK prices. Also, if you order from a UK or European store, you'll get the VAT deducted from the price. Can save you as much as 20%!
  3. If you order from the Mulberry website, the VAT won't be deducted. There are other stores that will deduct VAT like net-a-porter.

    Keep in mind that if the bag has a value of over A$1000, you will be charged customs tax in Australia before it is released to you. You can read about it here - http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page5549.asp
  4. Thanks for the tips MichK and Mette! I will keep that in mind :smile:

    However, I will need keep searching for one first... so far no luck yet!
  5. How about keeping your eyes peeled for netaporter UK? I'm sure they will add new stock for OS Alexa soon and it's a good price too to buy from them since customs is not going to be as hefty as from mulberry.com
  6. I have been stalking NAP everyday, so hopefully something comes up soon :lolots:

    Inem I think in my other thread, you mentioned that DJs Bourke stocked Mulberry... anyway, I went in yesterday, but they didn't have anything... unless the SA jsut didn't know what I was talking about!
  7. Not DJ, Terri, I said it was Myer Bourke St, next door to DJ. But last week I checked the new Mulberry stock hasn't arrived yet though.
    DJ is for MiuMiu :biggrin:
  8. Oh silly me?! I thought it was DJs... as you can tell I am getting so confused... especially with their new refub, things are just everywher!
  9. keep checking mulberry.com too, i managed to grab myself one off there last night
  10. OS Oak Alexa in stock now at mulberry.com, have posted on the shopping thread too, hope you see this in time terri_berri!! :biggrin:
  11. OMG they're gone, that was quick, keep looking tho, some people will probably drop them from their baskets!