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  1. I am thinking about getting an Oryany Victoria hobo in sand multi (which has navy, sand, and cognac). Does anyone own an Oryany bag and if so, thoughts? Maybe even pictures? I am not familiar with this brand.
  2. I used to own an OrYANY bag (holly slouchy satchel). The leather and quality were AMAZING!! But, it was extremely heavy. Sadly, I had to sell it. But, it sure was pretty.
  3. Thanks. I don't mind the bags being heavy. I own a few Dooney florentine bags that are very heavy. I am more concerned with the quality, and you answered my question. :smile:
  4. I have had several OrYANY bags, and found them well-made. The last one I had was very small (I fell in love with the design!) and I ended up not being able to cram everything in that I wanted to carry, so it went away. The next size in this 'style' was too big ... The one I loved was the Heather Mini, which had a handle and a crossbody strap. I still miss that little thing!

    You'll find them at Anthropologie, too ...

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  5. Thanks. There is one on sale now, and I think I am going to get it.
  6. I have one and it's one of my favorite bags! The construction and leather are excellent! I'll find a picture of mine...
  7. Here's the one I have. Image is from Last Call.

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  8. Thanks! Is that the color you have? It looks beautiful.

  9. That's the style that I had, but in a dark green. It was gorgeous, but so very heavy. I miss it though.
  10. It is! I love the color. It is called
    wasabi. :smile:

    The weight doesn't bother me too much, thankfully!
  11. This is the one I'm getting...

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  12. I think you'll love it! :smile:

  13. Go for it! I hope you'll love it!
  14. Thanks! I got a great deal too, so I'm sure I will love it.

    I hope so too! :smile:
  15. Thanks! I got a great deal too, so I'm sure I will love it.