OrthoClear Braces

  1. Is anyone using OrthoClear? I just got my first tray yesterday and find it pretty hard to take off. Is there any easy way to take it off?
  2. I did Invisalign...not sure how different they are, but I had to pull my trays by going to the outer back corners of my mouth to get them out. It took awhile to get the hang of it.

    I also found that as your teeth adjust to the new tray size it gradually gets easier, if that makes sense.
  3. I did Invisalign, and your teeth do get used to it with each tray change. I can't stress enough to be diligent (keeping it in as long as possible daily) because it does take a lot longer than braces.
  4. Thanks pursegrl and marly!

    Would shorter nails be easier to take off?
    I have long nails and scared that I might break it since I have to use alot of force to remove the tray.
  5. Yes, shorter nails would probably be easier, otherwise you could risk scratching your gums.

    I also agree with marly about wearing each tray as long as possible per day. It does take a lot longer than braces and as you probably noticed far more expensive :upsidedown: . I'm done now and have retainers to wear at night (my orthodontist calls them 'pajamas for your teeth') and I'm gonna wear them religiously so I don't have to go through this all over again!

    Good luck! :flowers:
  6. Thanks! I know what you mean. This is my second time 'correcting' my teeth. I had metal braces when I was a kid and didnt keep up with the retainers and I am now suffering for it. Time to cut my nails :sad:
  7. I have invisalign as well. I haven't been completely satisfied with the results. I feel like my ortho just sold me a "product" instead of taking care of me and making sure that the process would produce results.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that :crybaby: . I was hell-bent on invisible braces, despite my orthodontist explaining that for everything he wanted to do I would need the old fashioned wire ones. I did that as a teen and there was no way I wanted that at 39! To cover himself, he did write me a memo outlining what I could expect and a couple concerns he had, so I knew what i was getting into. In the end, we're happy with the results.

    Is is too late for you to get a 2nd opinion?
  9. i have invislign.....my 8 month process is going on to its 18 month now (as you can see I dont wear it often, I loose my tray......or I am just too lazy) but when i first got my braces i learned that if you try to "pry" it from the back and slowly loosen it till you reach the peg it';'ll come off easier....<---hope this makes sense..
  10. It does make sense MissV :yes:

    I have more trouble with the lower ones because I have 2 'buttons' on them. Its hard for me to remove it so I just end up yanking them out. I'm scared I might break the tray. Any way around the buttons?
  11. My teeth are still reasonably straight from my metal braces as a teen...but a few teeth are starting to get off center (I let my wisdom teeth come in during my twenties -- saved me the pain of removal, but they pressed my teeth together so that now some of them are a little crooked.)

    I really never want metal braces again -- ick, what a dreadful experience that was!! -- but would consider invisable ones.

    Those of you who did it -- when you say it's costlier and longer, what are some estimates? Can you do it in a couple of years? Are we talking about something that cost several thousand dollars? Can it fix individual teeth, or just "misalignments" of the whole row?

    Thanks -- sorry for being nosey, but this is quite interesting to me:smile:
  12. Heya MandM, no worries on sharing. For me it was around $4500.00. My insurance only covered around $1200. That was for trays full top and full bottom. I had a couple wonky teeth on the lower area that had drifted over the years, plus in general my bite alignment shifted.

    To gently 'shove' the crooked teeth back into place they put a clear 'button' on those teeth to help them along when the tray was on (the tray also had slight bulges to accommodate the buttons, if that makes sense). So, yes for me it did correct a couple crooked teeth plus the entire lineup top and bottom.

    It took about a couple years, including follow up checkups. :flowers:
  13. ^^thanks pursegrrl! It sounds like it is a major commitment -- both time and money, but still much better than metal braces. I don't know that I need them yet, but it's good to know that the option is out there:smile:

  14. this is what I'm afraid of.. I never knew my teeth were crooked until my dentist pointed it to out to me! :shrugs: As far as I know, I wanted braces when I was a kid and my dentists would all refuse because I didn't need them.