Ortho Tri-Cyclen

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  1. Im thinking about switching to this so it will help my skin some. Does anyone have any opinions on it? (Embarassing)... But did anyone's boobs grow on this BC? :shame: :shame:
  2. I've been on OTC for a few years now and I love it. It definitely helped me with my skin and I didn't have a major problem just would get a few on my chin but I hardly get any now.
    I didn't notice a change in size.
  3. I use to take OTC a years ago. It made me so nauseous. In fact I tried so many different pills and had the same problems, No appetite and extreme nausea.
    So I dont take any now. I never noticed and boob growth spurts. Then again I was never on them long enough.
  4. i use ortho-low, i think it works the same but less hormones. btw, my boobs did get bigger! haha and it works well with my skin it got better then how it use to be.
  5. I've been on Ortho Tri-cyclen for a while now and it completely got rid of my minor acne problem. I hardly ever get a pimple now.

    It didn't make me gain weight or make my breasts grow but I know this happens with some people on the pill in general.

    I haven't had ANY negative side effects from it myself.
  6. i'm on OTC Lo for about a year. my skin has been good but i was on accutane a few years ago so its been clear since then. my boobs sometimes get a bit bigger like when they swell up when you're about to get your period but nothing major. I haven't had any side effects at all but it did make my libido go way up lol

    just know that its a birth control pill and everyone reacts differently to them
  7. I think most BC pills will improve your skin regardless of whether they are "supposed" to or not, that is one of the side effects of estrogen/progesterone! Like NYCBelle said, everyone reacts differently to the pill. Personally I have tried 4 different ones and my breasts have gone up a size.
  8. I was on OTC for two years until I got....PREGNANT! :wtf:

    Yep..I took OTC religiously everday when I woke up in the morning and never missed a pill and I got pregnant on it. I know I am probably one of the very few, but after that incident, I was dubbed thee....Fertile Mertyle.:yes:
  9. I have been on the generic version of OTC for many years (Trinessa is the generic). What's interesting to me that I just found out is that this pill is no longer considered "low dosage." I went to the ob-gyn last week for my annual exam and she said there are many other formulations that have less hormones on the market now. I asked her if this was a concern for me medically, and she said there is no evidence that it would become a problem. However, she said that many people prefer to take pills with less hormones. So, I am going to switch to a lower dose pill and see what happens.

    But to answer your questions, I didn't notice any differences in taking OTC.