Oroton unoriginal

  1. Does it annoy anyone else how unoriginal orton is, so many of their bags are almost the exact same design of gucci bags. Not to mention their monogram is such a copy of Gucci's.
    These look familiar?
  2. :tdown:
  3. Not in a flattering way, I must say.
  4. If you're talking Oroton, I'm assuming you're Aussie. Yeah don't like Oroton for this reason. Some of the bags are just complete rip offs.

    Another Aussie designer, Charlie Brown did a massive rip off of the Fendi B Bag last year. I was not impressed, not that I like any of her stuff anyway. The bag looked exactly the same. As a designer how can you take pride in something that is obviously a copy of something else? I don't get it. I would feel embarrassed.
  5. I know right, also Oroton also ripped off Fendi's B Bag, with a totally hideous copy. It just looks like a cheap tacky version.
  6. :nogood: Speaking of the rip off artists of the century, Dooney and Bourke are the worst. They rip off literally every designer that I can think of and make a knock off bag. YES, it irritates the heck out of me!!!
  7. they're running out of ideas...

    trying to ride on someone else's designs...
  8. thats really cheap looking and hideous