OrMoMla review (Ormala)

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  1. #1 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    After two months of carrying my new Ignes Ormala, I decided to post a review, though I'm sure any regular readers know I love her.

    The colors, dark pink and dark purple patent, are really fun and truly suit anything I wear to work because they match nothing. Just a smiley combination of color, which truly show off the lines of the design. The patent is holding up beautifully and only slouches a little, nicely structured but with a little give depending on how full, which is perfect. The silver hardware is shiny and still unblemished. The old stud placement means the handles have 12 points of attachment to the body of the bag plus stitching, so it's a really strong bag.

    I didn't add a zipper, and I am glad. Nothing falls out even when my bag spills on the floor of the car. The cinch strap and flap are more than enough to hold it together.

    The red and raspberry suede are amazing and soft. The red is more of an orange leaning red, and I prefer bluer tones, but it's still beautiful.

    The zip pocket and side pocket with flap closure aren't practical for me, and I don't use them. But I admit to playing with the magnetic flap at times, so it's all good.

    Carrying Options:

    The extra drop I requested does, imo, take away from the appearance, but at the same time, the drop makes this the most comfortable bag I own, so it's worth the visual sacrifice.

    The adjustable messenger strap (like Francis), which is not my preferred way to carry but one Ignacio encouraged due to my work (and my small child ;) ), has been used once. It is okay, but is probably the least wonderful aspect of the bag. I still like it and am glad I got it, but it's got a two issues. The first issue was quickly resovled: The patent is kind of sharp and wasn't comfortable, so Ignacio made me a padded wrap, and now it's comfy. My second concern with the messenger strap is that there is only one stud on either side of the bag where the strap attaches, so only two points of security and stitching. When carrying the bag messenger style, I am aware of how heavy it is, since a heavy load pulls a great deal at the two studs, so I am careful. If (read when :yes:) I get a dark gray patent Ormala with gold hardware, I will ask for extra stud reinforcement on the messenger strap and a padded thing or extra wide strap or something for my shoulder comfort.

    Love the bag more than I thought I would. It's THE best teacher bag ever, and I've had a few :P. It looks great, feels comfy, and holds a ton. It's durable, beautiful, and feels nice inside :nuts:

    Weird Ormomla related behavior:
    In addition to making people feel my suede :rolleyes:, last night when I curled up on the couch next to the bag to work, I inhaled and actually liked the mellower aroma of the bag. I don't like strong smells, but this one is starting to have a very positive association.
  2. Great review! I am so glad the bag is working out for you and you love it!
  3. That is a great review. It is nice to have updated reviews after carrying the bag for awhile. I'm glad it has worked out so well for you.
  4. Great review! :tup:

    I didn't realise that the Ormomla had an adjustable messenger strap. I gotta look at your pics again!
  5. yay- an outstanding review!
  6. thanks for the update and review!!!
  7. Thnx No cute , its always nice to have updated reviews since we incorporate these modifications , it is nice to know how they are working
  8. Thanks all. It was fun to write up!

    One thing...if you are using Ormala as a work bag and want a messenger, ask for reinforments!
  9. What a great review NC. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us. :yes: