Orly Gel FX Swatches Only!

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  2. Mirror, Mirror and Shine
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  3. Kiss the Bride and First Kiss
    image-658414364.png image-3184602299.png
  4. Shine
  5. Mirror Mirror Orly FX Gel
    MIR2.jpg MIR.jpg
  6. Thought I'd post here too since I used Luxe for the base and some may want to see it!

    Two coats of Orly Luxe, Two coats of Gelish Queen of Hearts/RCM Glitz and Glamorous for the tips. Topcoated and removed sticky layer. Used my new "Best Glue Ever" to put a line at the base of the smile line, let dry to clear then added light green glitter from AFC. Topcoated, buffed where the glitter was to smooth, retopcoated, Phew. That took awhile 2.5 hours from Beginning of removal, including cuticle work.

  7. Orly Kiss the Bride
    image-1147882228.png image-1835995176.png
  8. I love that color!!
  9. Orly Rage two coats.
  10. image-65759556.png





    Orly GelFx Country Club Khaki w/ Martha Stewart glitter in Sugar Cube
  11. Orly Country Club Khaki

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    image-1653032408.png image-723782380.png
  12. I love me a good NUDE.. and this is a good one!!! Thanks tohillary.
  13. I LOVE this color! It's one of the favorites that I have.

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  14. Orly Mirror, Mirror

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  15. One Coat
    Two Coats
    Three Coats (two was probably enough, but I wanted to make sure it was opaque and not at all streaky
    I ended up putting on my spectraflair topcoat, of course!