Orlando Premium Outlet question

  1. I was there this past weekend while I was on my disneyworld trip, and I was i love with the Dior and Fendi outlet.
    I only bought a few things, but now I'm dying to get my hands on a few more items. Does anyone know if they do phone orders?

    Thanks much ladies!
  2. Try calling them to see. I know the Burberry outlet there and elsewhere will not take phone orders.

    Isn't that mall the best!
  3. Fendi does! I was there the day after Christmas and asked just that question. An SA named Liz told me they do phone orders. The number is 407-239-4444.
  4. dior does take phone orders!!!!all 3 of there US outlets take phone orders
  5. thanks gal.....i love that pllace :smile:
  6. oh, how much is ship you think?!?!?!

  7. shipping is $20 for up to $500 and $25 for 500+ go to the forum
  8. does anyone know if they would be willing to ship internationally? perhaps to Australia?
  9. I think they only ship within the US.