orlando outlet?

  1. where is it, im going to orlando in two weeks and thought i would see if i can find it, do any of you ladies know where its at:flowers:
  2. there is one at the premium outlet mall which is exit 68 off of I-4. that is the one I always go to, it is supposed to be better but is always crazy. they have tons of signature stuff! it's the first light past I-4 when you get off, just make a left. you will see a billion people turning most likely.

    there is also another coach outlet at the end of International Drive. I think it is exit 73 on I-4. I haven't been to that one though so I don't know anything about it.

    definately go and post what you get!! I was there about a week ago and it was amazing.
  3. thanks so much, i will deffinatly pick u some good stuff
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