Orlando Outlet Trip

  1. I went to Orlando this weekend with the BF and was not planning on going to the outlet until he said he wanted to buy some new clothes. :yahoo: That was easy! I went to the Premium outlets and MY GOODNESS. It was just about the best outlet I had ever been too! The clearance wasn't that good, but they had TONS of signature stuff. Mostly from last spring-summer. All of the pastely colors with the white trim, last year's optic in pink, white, and yellow, lots of brown and black signature, the white and purple optic bumble bee accessories (wallets, miniskinny, and wristlets), spring patchwork, and the khaki signature with the pink and green snake trim. It was at that moment I wished I had tons of disposable income. :hysteric: There were about five bags I wanted, but I had just bought a denim patchwork demi and it was waiting for me at home and I just bought my daphne a few weeks ago. I REALLY should have bought the green carryall like abandonimage's, it was sooo nice and only $247. There was also a black signature bag that I hadn't seen before, it was kind of like the small pocket bag, but it was flat and instead of being vertical like the swing packs, it was horizontal. I can't even find a photo, anyone know what I'm talking about? I really want to find it now. :sad:

    I just ended up getting a small wallet (what I went in there for!), a mini skinny, makeup case, and scarf. I will take photos once my cat gets off my new demi with my camera inside -- she loves it, haha. I attatched some ebay photos of what they had. The only price I remember is the carryall for $247 ($309 - 20%). They had a few zebra pieces for 40% off, all of the optic stuff was 30% off, and everything else was 20% off.
    3b_1.JPG 5d_1.JPG 95_1.JPG de_1.JPG e6_1.JPG ignature706CarryallBusiGRWH1.jpg 14657489_tp.jpg 43_1.JPG
  2. wow great finds! :love:
  3. Cant wait to see the wallet! Looks like they had quite the selection! My mom wants the first purse in black, they had about 3 at my outlet. I see they had my green baby there :heart:3
  4. I can't wait to go to the one in Rehoboth Beach, DE this weekend. My friend went there last weekend and told me there were lots of stuff from the bee line and Optic Lurex! I haven't seen an outlet withthe optic lurex line still!
  5. Sounds like a great trip. Post pics when you get a chance.
  6. I really like the signature bags w/ the snakeskin trim...but the pink & green might be alittle kiddish for me & maybe a bit too small. Hmm..Can't wait to see your wonderful pictures.
  7. Wow great buys!. I got my first COACH bag for my 13th bday over there at the orlando outlets!.Black leather demi bag,I still use it to this day!
  8. wow, wish I lived in Orlando now! I love #5 with the light blue (green? lol) trim!
  9. cant wait for picts! lol imagine if coach made pet beds, heaven on earth for your kitty.
  10. ^^ lol, I know, she is protesting by laying on my new bag since I left her alone for the weekend!

    Here are my purchases along with my new bag. I wanted a small wallet, and went with this one. I love the color and have it in dusty rose leather and love the size. The makeup case and scarf were things I had been looking for forever, so I had to snatch them up, and the miniskinny was an impulse buy. :Push: The wallet was around $70, the makeup case $23, the scarf $13, and the miniskinny $35.
    orlando1.jpg orlando2.jpg orlando3.jpg
  11. Great buys. Congrats on all of your new Coach items!
  12. Congrats!! All your pieces are super cute! And OMG the scarf was $13?! :wtf: When I went they were like $40 with the 20% off! And you got one of the bumblebee mini skinnys too! They're adorable :love: LOL I love everything!
  13. I love your purchases! Esp that beautiful blue makeup case!! Now I really want to go to Orlando! hehe! Congrats!! :smile:
  14. Darn, this really makes me want to get out to the outlets soon. .but I dont know when I'll have time :sad:

    I love everything you got, I'm so jealous! That wallet and mini skinny are too freakin' cute! I want them!
  15. I love the pretty blueish makeup case & the bumblebee mini skinny..thanks for sharing.